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Recording / Slides / Notes

Please join AVAC and FP2030 for a webinar on the DPP, a daily pill that is currently being developed for simultaneous pregnancy and HIV prevention. This webinar will highlight new findings on private sector opportunities for the DPP in Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe. It will explore lessons and successes from the FP experience to identify how FP/SRH stakeholders can help pave the way for smooth introduction of MPTs like the DPP in private sector channels.


  • Welcome and objectives
  • What FP stakeholders want to know about the DPP: Questions and issues raised in the April 2022 DPP consultation
  • Opportunities for the DPP in the private sector: Findings from Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe
  • Lessons from country level: Best practices for FP introduction in the private sector
  • Innovations in service delivery: The future of direct-to-consumer care and implications for product introduction
  • Panel/Q&A
  • Closing remarks: Key takeaways and opportunities for continued engagement

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